Looking for Easter break ideas? Spend your time walking St Cuthbert’s Way! It’s a route that covers the south of Scotland and the north of England, the perfect way to explore new parts of the UK.
When it comes to walking holidays, EasyWays are always looking to provide clients with the best options! In the run up to Easter, why not look into walking one of EasyWays’ pilgrim routes? The EasyWays team are there to support all of our walkers at each step of the way. Don’t stress while walking with EasyWays, this is your time to take a break!

Easter Break Ideas – The St Cuthbert’s Way

Where is The St Cuthbert’s Way?

natural landscapes

The St Cuthbert’s Way is surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

St Cuthbert’s Way begins in the small town of Melrose in the Scottish borders. Located next to the Eildon Hills, Melrose is incredibly picturesque, set upon the River Tweed and home to the spectacular Melrose Abbey. The walking route continues from here for 62.5 miles through a collection of villages and historical sites before reaching the end destination in England, the Holy Island. Melrose can be reached by regular rail and bus services.

What is There to See?

This is the only EasyWays route which crosses the Scottish border! Covering a part of the UK that might not seem an obvious place to travel to, this walking route gives you a chance to explore a part of Scotland that you may not have considered before.


easter break ideas

If you love history, the St Cuthbert’s Way is perfect for you!

Aside from being the place in which St Cuthbert started his ministry in 650 AD, Melrose is home to many attractions that may be suitable when looking Easter break ideas! If you are interested in history, then why not spend some time looking round Abbotsford House, the home of the novelist, playwright and poet, Sir Walter Scott.

Northumberland National Park

One of the most relaxing parts of this walking route is the stage when it reaches the Northumberland National Park, the place you reach after crossing the Scotland/England border. Across 400 square miles, this national park is the least populated park in the UK. It is here that you can take part in a range of different outdoor activities, from mountain biking to rock climbing. Incorporate something different into your time walking the St Cuthbert’s Way!

Holy Island

lindisfarne holy island

The Holy Island is a prominent location for Christian history.

The final destination of this walking route is one of the highlights. The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, which is located a couple of miles off the English east coast, has its access cut off twice a day because of a fast-moving tide. However, a trip to the tidal island is incredibly worthwhile as it is one of Northumberland’s most popular historical sites. Located on the Holy Island is Lindisfarne Priory, which is considered by many to be the epicentre of Christianity in the time of the Anglo Saxons.
As we are coming up to Easter, though we have other routes like the West Highland Way, it would be a great idea to explore one of the UK’s pilgrim routes! We have another pilgrim route coming to EasyWays very soon, to learn more about that take a look at our last post!
Explore the surroundings of Melrose and the Holy Island by walking the St Cuthbert’s Way, with the help of EasyWays.