Are you thinking of walking the Great Glen Way? For many people, the warmer, summer months are the best time of year to go to Scotland! The perfect time to enjoy the Great Glen Way.
If you are looking for a reason to walk the Great Glen Way, listen to the advice of the EasyWays team! As summer in Scotland can bring extremely unpredictable weather; a mixture of showers and sunshine, it is important to be prepared for every eventuality. There are so many different reasons why summer is the best time to go to Scotland.

Why is Summer the Best Time of Year to go to Scotland?

Outdoor Activities

scotland cycling summer weather

Besides walking, cycling is another way to see Scotland

Scotland’s landscapes are perfect for lots of outdoor activities, and in the summer these activities are made more enjoyable in the warmer temperatures. From cycling to white water rafting, the Scottish climate is ideal for experiencing some new sports. Especially along the Great Glen Way route, from Fort William to Inverness, there will be lots of activities you can choose to incorporate into your trip!


skye seals basking

Enjoy the summer sunshine in Scotland like these seals in Skye!

Another reason summer is the best time of year to go to Scotland is because there is a higher chance of catching a glimpse of different land and marine animals. If you are going to explore the Scottish Highlands, you will more than likely see some deer, birds of prey and even seals! At the end point of the Great Glen Way, in Inverness, you should visit one of the many nature reserves or try to track down the infamous Loch Ness Monster! You can even head out into the Moray Firth to go whale and dolphin watching.


best time of year to go to scotland for a festival

Experience a Scottish festival!

Summer time in Scotland means festivals. Aside from the numerous highland game events taking place all over Scotland in these upcoming months, there are additional festivals celebrating local food, whisky, music and sailing, cycling and walking! Coming up in June and July:

Like our other walking routes, such as the West Highland Way, walking the Great Glen Way gives you with the chance to experience much more than a walking holiday, especially in summer! For example, look at our last post to learn more how you could run the West Highland Way.
Talk to our team and walk the Great Glen Way!