The family walking holidays EasyWays is known for are a great way to treat your mum! Spending time exploring a new place in the UK, with everyone she loves. Walking holidays in Scotland are always a great idea, but this time it will be made extra special as a way of letting your mum know everything she does for you and means to you.

Family Walking Holidays!

Spring is fast approaching which can only mean one thing… it’s time to celebrate your mum!
While chocolates and flowers will always be great present choices (and let’s face it – mums are never fussy!), maybe this year you can show your love and appreciation for your mum through a walking holiday. What better gift is there than fresh air, exercise and a chance to spend quality time with the family?
A walking holiday will be the last thing she expects and is an opportunity to bring the whole family together!

What would a walking holiday entail?

The great thing about walking holidays is that they are suitable for most ages and capabilities – from seasoned walkers to those who are just starting out.
You could go on a Magical Mystery Tour of one of the stunning Scottish Isles from the Arran Coastal Way to Skye. The Scottish Isles really do capture the magic and beauty of Scotland. From the scenery, to the mountains and rivers you can experience.
Arran is especially suitable for walkers who are just starting out and is the destination that we at EasyWays recommend for beginners!
Maybe you’re from a family of walkers and are looking for a new challenge… How about the West Highland Way? Encompassing 96 miles of Scotland, the West Highland Way is a challenge but a wonderful experience for walkers! Even in the worst of weathers, the Scottish countryside is truly a sight to behold and with EasyWays, you can find a cosy place to stay for every stop along the way.
beautiful flowers seen on family walking holidays

Why Choose a Walking Holiday to Celebrate your Mum?

Store-bought flowers are beautiful and thoughtful but there really is nothing better than being among flowers and plants in their natural habitat. Sniffing a bouquet of flowers is always a delight but breathing in the air of flowers, trees, and grass around you is so invigorating and really blows away cobwebs!
Although spending time in a restaurant having a family meal is always a treat, the bonding and experience that can be gained from going on a family walking holiday – anything from a weekend to a week- is invaluable!
This day is all about showing appreciation for all that your mum does for you and the family but most mums are happy just to have the whole family together for the occasion – regardless of presents! What better way to bring the family together than a walking holiday?

What are the Benefits of Family Walking Holidays?

As well as obviously bringing the family together and sharing an invaluable experience, a walking holiday is beneficial in many other ways:

  1. Walking reduces stress – Walking has been proven to reduce stress levels and even improve cholesterol. 
  2. On family walking holidays, the sights you see are just incredibleHave a look at our gallery if you want to find out more! 
  3. Walking can make you happier – Walking releases natural painkilling endorphins to the body – one of the emotional benefits of exercise.
  4. Walking strengthens muscles – Especially, of course, in the legs!
  5. Walking improves circulation – ‘It also wards off heart disease, brings up the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the heart. Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Tennessee found that post-menopausal women who walked just one to two miles a day lowered blood pressure by nearly 11 points in 24 weeks. Women who walked 30 minutes a day reduced their risk of stroke by 20 percent – by 40 percent when they stepped up the pace, according to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.’ (source)

What can EasyWays do for you?

EasyWays provide family walking holidays for beginners and seasoned walkers. We can help you with everything from accommodation to transfers and if you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated, knowledgeable team would be all too happy to help out!
Interested in other events and celebrations happening around Scotland this season, look at our last post to find out more!
If you’re thinking of treating your mum to a unique holiday experience, get in touch and find out what EasyWays can do for you and your family this Mother’s Day.