Are you looking for ultra trail running tips? Follow this EasyWays advice for more information about ultra marathon essentials!
Running an ultra marathon is an incredibly rewarding experience; make it the best it can be by investing in some worthwhile essentials! Essentials that can aid with performance, motivation and safety. EasyWays have recently created a West Highland Way running package, take our advice and be well equipped for future ultra marathons!

Ultra Trail Running Tips from EasyWays

ultra trail running tips

Take our ultra trail running tips and improve your running experience!


A pack is definitely an essential if you are training for a long distance run. Something very lightweight which wraps around your upper body, packs have easy-access pockets where runners can keep gels, bars and water. There are so many packs on the market, it will be very easy to find the perfect one for you!

Space Blanket

Something else we advise our runners bringing with them during their trail run is a space blanket. For safety reasons, a space blanket can make all the difference! If you get lost during the run, this space blanket can protect you from hypothermia and provide you with something to rest with if you are injured.

Hat and Sun Glasses

Hats and sunglasses during are year-round essentials. Even if the climate you are running in isn’t the warmest or coldest, they can instantly make a difference to the quality of your run. On a sunny running day, a hat can protect you from heat and sunglasses can protect your eyes from sun glare.

Head Torch

For those ultra marathon running routes that continue on at night, a head torch is vital. A hands-free way of gaining more visibility, a head torch will make so much difference to your mood. Also, for safety reasons, a head torch is invaluable! It will make you aware of potential hazards, wildlife and changes to the terrain.
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