Thinking of booking a walking holiday for the summer? Walking in the summer in Scotland makes for the most beautiful scenery!
As we mentioned in our last post, summer is the best time of year to visit Scotland – there are so many things going on! In this post we’ll outline the advantages of booking a walking adventure with EasyWays during the fast approaching summer months.

Advantages of Walking in the Summer from EasyWays

walking holidays Scotland

Walking in the summer is made easier with help from EasyWays!


Of course, one of the main benefits of walking in the summer in Scotland is the weather. Across the country – no matter if you’re taking part in the West Highland Way or the North Highland Way – the Scottish summer weather is idyllic and gives you the chance to experience some of the best views in the world.

Better Walking Conditions

Another advantage of walking in the summer in Scotland is that the ground will be easier to walk on across all of our routes. Though we offer are varying difficulties of walking packages, all of them will have better conditions to walk in compared with the colder months. If the weather remains dry throughout the time you are completing your walking holiday, you won’t have to confront the unsightly conditions common in the colder months like; hailstones or large gusts of wind! Although a completely dry summer in Scotland is a rarity, summer rain is definitely better than winter rain.

Walking with Company

We believe another important and very prevalent advantage of walk in the summer time is the fact that you are likely to meet other walkers along the way! Walking holidays in Scotland are very popular during summer. By organising a group walk with EasyWays you’ll be sure to meet even more keen adventurers on your route to completing the walk; no matter which walking package you choose.
Book your walking holiday in time for summer with EasyWays, today.