Are you looking to book a walking holiday this winter? At this time of year our routes are quieter and ideal for a peaceful getaway. From walking in Scotland or walking the Camino in winter, why not experience something new? Follow our advice on how to walk in winter!
Walking with EasyWays you can expect an experienced and trusted service. Our team can give you any advice you may need! After years working with people from all over the world, EasyWays will make sure your trip is as comfortable as possible.

Keep Warm

walking boots in winter

Planning to walk in winter?
Make sure you are wearing the right clothes and boots!

A very important part of walking in winter is to keep warm! When going on a walking holiday, it is so important to prepare for a range of weathers. Especially walking in Scotland, it is more than likely going to be cold. So, bring a practical and light insulated jacket, wear the right boots and a warm drink! Stopping to look at the view? Keep warm by bringing these extras. Also, a scarf does more help than just covering your neck. It can help reduce the chance of getting any illnesses.

Don’t Overheat!

walking equipment

Bring the right equipment to make sure you don’t overheat in the cold weather!

Though you need to keep warm, don’t overheat! Your sweat will make you think you are cold, by wearing breathable clothes you will be kept a good temperature instead of overheating. If you are unsure of the best clothes to wear when walking the Camino in winter for example, just talk to the EasyWays team!

Walk with Company

walking the camino in winter

Walking with Company is much better, no matter what weather it is!

A way to distract you from the cold is to bring someone with you! Having someone to walk with will keep you motivated to complete the route or the day. Especially in an unfamiliar place, it is a great idea to bring a familiar face with you. Also, this way you get to experience something new with someone you are close to!

No Matter the Weather, Keep Going!

camino portugeus

With the right motivation you can see such beautiful views!

Another piece of winter walking advice is to keep walking! Remaining at a good pace and reaching goals along the way can also keep you from becoming too focused on the cold. On a walking holiday, one minute it could be raining and the next it can be windy!

Walking the Camino in Winter

Interested in booking a trip to walk the Camino in winter? Remember that even though our Camino routes are through Spain, the weather in the winter months will not be as great! It is more than likely to be wet. However think of how peaceful your trip will be as it is not as busy at this time of year.
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