Are you struggling to prepare for an ultra marathon? Follow the advice from the EasyWays team and you will ready for your ultra distance running experience!
We have recently launched our first ultra marathon running package with the West Highland Way, and we want to make sure that you are more than prepared! Ultra distance running is a rewarding however incredibly strenuous hobby, and so, we encourage you to take any steps necessary to make your run as easy as possible.

How to Prepare for Ultra Distance Running with EasyWays

ultra distance running

Take ultra marathon running tips from EasyWays.

Find a Running Partner

During your time training for the marathon, it is a great idea to find someone to run with. Having another person there for company and motivation is very valuable when preparing for a long distance run. If you have a running partner you are less likely to put off training because you don’t want to let them down! Having someone else by your side can also make the hours seem more enjoyable while making them go by more quickly.

Run on Similar Terrain & at Night

While practising it is also very beneficial to run on the same or similar terrain as the one of the race you are taking part in. Taking this step will allow you to see how your body copes with the different running conditions. Though this may be challenging if you don’t live in an area with different terrains, it is worthwhile and could improve your confidence on the race day!
Also, if the ultra race you are running goes on into the night or takes place during the darker months, make sure you train and feel comfortable running at night. Running at night is very dangerous, and so to ensure you are happy doing so, spend the necessary time running with someone else, at night.

Know Yourself

In order to complete an ultra marathon it is vital you have self-management skills. Without knowing your limits and understanding the signs your body might give you, you may overexert mentally and physically. While running a race that could potentially last for 24 hours – during which you will need to make important decisions and keep a strong sense of motivation – it is so important you know yourself.
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Trust the EasyWays team with your ultra marathon package.