At EasyWays we have some of the best West Highland Way tips! Making walking holidays in Scotland a personal experience, EasyWays consider you in everything we do! You can expect a dedicated, quality team taking away any walking holiday worries you may have.
Are you interested in booking a West Highland Way walking holiday? There are so many things to think about when you plan a trip.

 1. Be ready for all weather

view to Balmaha

The weather in Scotland is extremely unpredictable!

The Scottish weather is always a surprise! So, in terms of clothing and footwear, make sure you are prepared. Quality walking boots, a waterproof jacket, trousers, hat, gloves etc. You may think this is over the top, but you can expect anything in the Scottish summer weather. These West Highland Way tips will ensure you are prepared for anything and can fully enjoy your walking holiday experience!

2. Keep hydrated and energised!

Another of the very important West Highland Way tip is to drink plenty of water! Are you walking with a big group? It is essential that you all remind one another. Also, remember snacks to keep your energy up!

3. It’s midge season

Along the West Highland Way there is no doubt you will be joined by residents of the Scottish summer, midges. Repellent or midge nets are another vital pieces of kit not to forget.

4. Take lots of photos

west highland way tips to take photos

You wouldn’t want to forget this!

A West Highland Way walking holiday is a once in a lifetime experience, you don’t want to forget the stunning scenery! A camera is great to bring along. All the way from Milngavie to Fort William, there are views to capture at every turning.

5. Stay Safe & Have Fun

Though not so much of a tip, make sure you remember to enjoy it! Through questionable weather or midge clouds, make the most of your experience. If you would like even more advice have a look at our last post.
If you like the sound of a West Highland Way self guided walking holiday from EasyWays, don’t hesitate to get it in touch.