An Easyways walking holiday is a great opportunity to discover the rich fauna and flora Scotland has to offer. Below, we have listed some of the existing wildlife in Scotland you may encounter during your walks.


The Arctic Skua is a large seabird which nests on the moorlands on Scottish Islands and in the north of Scotland from April to September. They are known to steal other birds’ food, and they are not the friendliest of birds. They tend to get very aggressive with those who get too close to their nests. You can admire them – but from afar!
wildlife in scotland - arctic skua


These dolphins can be seen all year long all over the UK, and in Scotland, the best place to spot them is the Moray Firth. They usually travel in groups and are known for their remarkable intelligence. If you’re lucky, you might witness some of their acrobatic performances like somersaults and jumps.
wildlife in scotland - bottlenose dolphin in the sea off the coast of scotland


A traditional flower of Scotland, Heather stems can be found in abundance on heathlands and moors, and its flower can be seen from July to October. Heather used to have many different uses, and its stems are now most commonly used to make heather-gem jewellery.
wildlife in scotland - heather can be seen across the country


Pine martens can be found in different parts of the UK, including Scotland. They are great climbers who can be found in woodlands all year long. Pine Martens are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981, and classified as a Priority Species in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.
wildlife in scotland - pine marten


Red Deer are a common sight in Scotland’s natural landscapes and dedicated deer parks. They can be seen all year long, and have been present in Scotland for thousands of years. They are the biggest and largest mammal in the UK, at an impressive 137 cm and weighing between 90-120 kg.
wildlife in scotland - red deer

Explore Wildlife in Scotland with Easyways

With a wealth of wonderful wildlife and plants, Scotland is the perfect destination for a walking holiday. By exploring the country on foot you are sure to catch a glimpse of some of the fantastic wildlife that calls our fantastic country ‘home’. Whether you explore the West Highland Way, the Fife Coastal Path, or one of our other routes, you can be sure that we have the perfect walking holiday for you. Just get in touch to find out more.