Thinking of walking the West Highland Way? The area around the West Highland Way and the Devil’s Staircase is brimming with history, and it isn’t lacking for ghost stories either! We love helping people discover new things in Scotland and throughout the UK with our walking holidays.

Here are some of our favourite myths and legends you should check out before embarking on your next trip around the west and highlands of Scotland!

West Highland Way in Winter with EasyWays

The Devil’s Staircase

As well as being one of the highest points, the Devil’s Staircase is one of the most anticipated parts of the West Highland Way. After walking the Devil’s Staircase, which you find out more about in our West Highland Way Devil’s Staircase post, you will be in Glencoe.

The Devil’s Staircase of course has its own tale as to how it got its name. It is believed that it was given it by those who were road building in the area, and who decided to travel to the nearest pub when they got their wages. The journey required them to walk from Kinlochleven to Kingshouse Hotel and it was a difficult trek on the way, even worse on return with the effects of the drinking! And so, for those who didn’t return after venturing out to the pub, on a cold night, the other road builders would say that the devil has “claimed his own.”


Glencoe is not only famous for it’s spectacular scenery but also the fact that it was the setting for one of most important and brutal events in Scottish history. The Glencoe Massacre took place in 1691 and because of the significant amount of losses from McDonald Clan (of Glencoe), it is no surprise that this small village has gained a reputation of being haunted by those clan members. Many believe that if you walk the West Highland Way in winter, aside from the fact that the weather sets a particularly spooky atmosphere, you are likely to experience something with one of these clansmen – the Glencoe ghosts!

Walk the West Highland Way in winter to have a spooky Glencoe experience! 

Particularly on February the 13th, the anniversary of the massacre, many people have claimed to have caught sight of a ghostly shadow and others say that also on this day they have heard the sound of bagpipes from the dead Government’s soldiers echo through the valley!

The Drovers Inn

Another alleged hot spot for unusual ghostly activity is the Drovers Inn, which is located between the north tip of Loch Lomond and Crianlarich along the A82. It is rumoured that this Inn is one of the most haunted in Britain and people often visit it and stay the night specifically for that reason! Find out more about the ghost stories at the Drovers Inn here.

West Highland Way Packages

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