The great outdoors requires and deserves our respect. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code outlines the role and responsibility of protecting the great outdoors, which falls on us, the people. While it is not law, following the code aids in the protection of our unique outdoor environment. With EasyWays, we encourage you to access and enjoy the outdoors responsibly, ensuring that you act as permitted by code, while also making the most of what the Scottish Countryside has on offer. Walking with EasyWays ensures that you can enjoy a stress-free and organised trip which follows all the necessary codes. With a real focus on sustainability and protecting the environment, at EasyWays, we strive to provide sustainable tourism, ensuring that the great outdoors can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Sustainability and the Outdoor Access Code in Scotland

Many areas of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code are centred around sustainability and protecting the natural environment. The three main areas covered by the code are:

  • Caring for the environment
  • Taking responsibility for your own actions
  • Act respectfully

Each of these areas highlights a number of key issues related to sustainability, all of which must be followed to ensure the protection of the great outdoors in Scotland.

Caring for the Environment

This area of the code is centred around sustainability and the protection of the natural environment in Scotland. Environmental responsibilities include:

  • Not dropping litter (as well as picking up litter when possible).
  • Not disturbing wildlife.
  • Leaving things as you find them.
  • Picking up dog mess.

At EasyWays, we are taking part in the Voluntary Contribution Scheme, which is centred around the protection of the natural environment in Scotland, in particular on the Fife Coastal Path. You can find out more about this scheme here.

Taking Responsibility for Your Own Actions

Taking responsibility for your own actions is another core area of the outdoor access code in Scotland, focused on individuals being responsible for how they act when exploring the great outdoors. This is particularly important on our busier routes, like The West Highland Way Walk. Key areas covered by this section include:

  • Caring for your own safety as well as any children with you.
  • Keeping alert for any potential hazards.
  • Keeping dogs under control and on a lead (particularly while around livestock and during the bird breeding season).

Keeping dogs under control is incredibly important for ensuring the safety of both livestock and wildlife which are an integral part of the Scottish natural environment.

Acting Respectfully

Whether you are walking along a path, or across farmland, it is important to act respectfully, showing respect to other walkers as well as landowners. This area of the code includes:

  • Keeping clear of fields with crops and avoiding damaging crops.
  • Avoiding areas where trees are being felled.
  • Leaving gates as you find them (whether they are open or closed).

Making the Most of the Outdoors with EasyWays

At EasyWays, we are striving to provide sustainable tourism through our range of walking holidays. By providing you with the right advice and guidance, we ensure that the environment is protected as best as possible, wherever you may be embarking on your walking holiday. From taking away your litter to protecting wildlife, we hope to provide sustainable tourism for years to come, while preserving the great outdoors for generations.
Arrange your sustainable, environmentally-friendly trip today.