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A Guide to Scottish Walking Events for April 2019

st cuthbert's way galashiels

Thinking of joining in with some walking festivals this April? Follow this guide from EasyWays to find the event that suits you! There are many long distance walking events across the whole of Scotland that the family can enjoy. Now that we’ve reached April and milder weather it’s time to enjoy outdoor festivals again! From […]

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History of the Via Francigena

walking trails in tuscany

Looking for historic walking trails in Tuscany? The EasyWays Via Francigena is an ancient path of pilgrimage! Explore Tuscan tradition and historic, religious heritage by walking the Via Francigena and following in the footsteps of Sigerico, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Historic Walking Trails in Tuscany – The Via Francigena Starting in Canterbury and crossing Europe, […]

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March Walk of the Month: The Via Francigena

walking holidays Italy Tuscany

Searching for walking holidays in Italy? You’re in luck! The EasyWays Walk of the Month for March is the wonderful Via Francigena! Experience the best of Tuscan culture and the charming Italian surroundings this summer with help from our walking holiday experts. Walking Holidays in Tuscany, Italy with EasyWays The Via Francigena Route Our Via Francigena route begins […]

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The South Loch Ness Trail: Highlights of Outlander

Inspired by the Outlander series TV to visit Scotland? Experience the highlights of Outlander and a walking holiday with EasyWays and the South Loch Ness Trail. If you’re interested in learning more about Scottish history following on from our last post about Mary Queen of Scots, it’s definitely time to book a historic walking holiday with EasyWays! […]

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Mary Queen of Scots: Historic Holiday Destinations

Explore Scotland’s history by following in the steps of Mary Queen of Scots! EasyWays can create a completely unique walking holiday experience for you. Spend time and enjoy Scotland’s most loved historic holiday destinations! One feature of the recent film release of Mary Queen of Scots is the beauty of Scotland’s countryside. The EasyWays team can […]

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Valentine’s Day Walking Holidays: Outlander’s Romantic Spots

Experience romantic holidays in Scotland with help from EasyWays and the television series Outlander! Celebrate Valentine’s Day by booking a walking holiday and spending time in Outlander’s most famous locations. In our last post we toured some of the most iconic destinations where Outlander has been filmed throughout the first to fourth series. Let us […]

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